Donda Breaks Records Globally, tops in 152 countries

Donda Kanye
Kanye West is seen at ‘DONDA by Kanye West’ listening event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

After much media feud and speculations regarding the release of Kanye’s new album Donda with regards to whether the Album was released without his permission an also, even to disregard, the TikTok fiesta. Before asking why the name of the album is so strange it’s important to note that the album was actually named after his late mother.

The album was released in quite a difficult time for the Grammy Award winning singer in lights of having a divorce with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian which was also highlighted of course in his teary 2020 presidential campaign. When the album was finally released in August 29th the album had a massive record on streaming platforms and claimed the spot of the biggest ever Spotify album debut ever raking up to 64 million and 94 million streams on Apple music and Spotify respectively.

With critic reviews like terming the album as disoriented and on the other side an energetic powerhouse with touches from musicians like Tyler the Creator and Pusha T