Coldplay’s heart throb with Africa.

image source | Rodrigo Esper/Flickr

When the popular brand was formed in the year 1996, noted for their popular dreamy sounds they took the music world by storm with lights to their hit song ‘Yellow’ which went viral in the year 2000. The Band’s vocalist Chris Martin who has also worked with African Artists like Burna Boy on his album Twice as Tall and is a popular love song crooner.

Coldplay songs have an otherworldly feel and tell stories about art, love, nature and space. These are expressions of art that tells stories in different levels. Coldplay’s music are deeply creative and have depth if you consider activities like Yoga and painting you would find the rich connection between the Two. The band is listened to in Africa by quite a lot of people though the Media doesn’t carry them on the continent possibly because they cannot be termed as ‘mainstream’ yet the band’s music is very much present and in the ears of people on the continent, sometimes such music can be used to induce tales of a better world or a rather faraway and beautiful place, they spark an upper and rich realm of culture when listened to like walking down a dusty street while ‘Higher Power’ is being played on your earphones.

Chris Martin’s vocals are a kind that does not isolate but connects with all people and in Africa they are a sensation.